Thursday, January 06, 2005

Echo Chamber II

I took Powerline to task last week for a post on Al Gore and now I find more detritus, this time from the Corner:
Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore was awarded seven and a half minutes of air time in the 7:30 half hour of Thursday’s "Today" show to offer his political analysis of why the Democrats failed to oust Bush. Katie Couric felt that wasn’t enough, so she invited him back an hour later for another eight minutes and forty seconds of air time, or 16 minutes, 10 seconds overall. While Couric tried to suggest that maybe Hollywood liberalism hurt the Democrats (and even noted the "vitriol...you seem to embody"), she also inaccurately promoted Moore’s latest book as "new" and "currently on many bestseller lists" when it came out in October and is ranked #1,547 on Amazon.com.

How about when Katie Couric was beating the drum for our troops before Baghdad fell? Or how about the extremely tough interview she did with Kerry before the election? (Be sure to read down to the hunting trip questions.) If she did the same thing to President Bush, she'd be blackballed by the White House faster than you can say Carole Coleman.

Good to see the people at National Review are keeping up with their Coulter legacy.

I hope Katie gets Rather's job to further her obvious liberal agenda.

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