Sunday, February 29, 2004

I just came across the pledge at Interesting Times and I think ANYONE who is sick of the Bush Administration should agree to it. I am and I have. We should work to unite the Democratic party, anyone is better than the divider currently occupying the White House.

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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Still smoke free on day 5, still a little stuffed-up, but all told very happy with my progress so far. I'm a little worried about the first time I tilt a few beers (not even thinking about the fall in Happy Valley), which is when I'm at my weakest. Although, I wonder if you can drink while patchin'? I suspect I'll be finding out soon enough.

I heard a story on NPR last night about Tom DeLay and his influence over the house and his relationship with Denny Hastert. The link to that audio is here:


If the Dems are going to get control of the House back they need to understand DeLay, particularly how he fundraises for his party. I think politically and ideologically this guy is a scum bag, but he can raise money.

More later...

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Friday, February 27, 2004

I'm not overly craving the smokes right now, which is good. I'm feeling a little under the weather with a head cold/sputum fest but I think that may be my lungs trying to clear everything out after 10 years on the vile weed. It's amazing how much money you save when you don't buy a pack of cigarettes everyday. Another excellent reason to quit.

Someone asked me about Uncle Horn Head and where that comes from... Pretty simple, really. Before I was married I would travel to NJ to visit friends for a night or two and sleep on the sofa. When their kids got up at dawn, or so it seemed, they would flick my ear and generally make themselves disagreeable until I stirred. When I got up to "impart some wisdom" my hair was matted on either side of my head and sticking straight up on top so the kids got to calling me, "Uncle Horn Head." They also called me, "Surfer Dude." But that's another story for another time.

Other things I'm thinking about as the weekend is set to begin...

-When is the Bush administration going to implode? There are several things I can think of now that could pave the way for a Democrat to return to the White House. To name a few:

The Plame Investigation. They are focusing on Cheney's staff here. One of his staffers will probably take the fall and be bathed in Halliburton stock.

The lack of WMDs. The recently discovered spying on Kofi Annan is intricately linked with this issue. I don't understand how people on the right can still support the Iraq War based on this deficient reasoning. Aggravating. Bush lied and our soldiers died.

The President's military service. Or lack of it. Bush's campaign chair, Racicot, said on NPR this week that Bush tried to volunteer for Vietnam. I'm thankful that NPR ran a correction/retraction this morning. What a joke. In the past month, the NPR reporter, Juan Williams, has been lied to by: Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Racicot and Condi. If you only catch 25% of the liars, people will start questioning YOUR integrity.

9/11 Commission, Stolen Dem Computer Records and the list goes on...

-Will St. Joes go to 26-0? Phil Martelli is an unbelievably classy guy and his team plays in the same vain.

-Will Bill Murray win an Academy Award?

-Will they give Joan Rivers' plastic surgeon a lifetime achievement award?

-Can Arsenal continue their unbeaten streak to start the season?

-Will there be enough washers and dryers at the Laundromat tomorrow morning for me to do the ton of laundry I need to?

-Will I feel as good as I do now, tomorrow?

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The last cigarette I ever had was a menthol at about 7:25am on February 24th after putting D on the bus. I hate menthols but I had thrown out my Marlboro Lights the night before, anticipating the task ahead. But when I saw one of the contractor/construction guys lighting up I figured one last send off would be ok, besides the mornings are the worst for me in terms of cravings. So when I asked him, he handed me a BENSON & HEDGES 100 MENTHOL. That's right. The big green box with the cursive on it. Bear with me, especially if that's your brand, but when I asked the construction worker for a cigarette I was anticipating a 'Red' or at worst a Camel Straight, but he handed me a fiberglass surprise. I couldn't say no (though I'm sure he saw me shiver when he pulled out the box) because I didn't want to offend him as he is one of the workers who is helping to renovate my house. What I hoped for was an enjoyable last smoke. What I got was a bad taste in my mouth. Literally.

I've been smoke free for two days and am feeling pretty good. I'm wearing a patch and have resisted temptations (particularly at work) to rip it off, bum one and light it. Or to rip it off, roll IT up and smoke it. Probably wouldn't taste any worse that a menthol.

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