Friday, February 27, 2004

The last cigarette I ever had was a menthol at about 7:25am on February 24th after putting D on the bus. I hate menthols but I had thrown out my Marlboro Lights the night before, anticipating the task ahead. But when I saw one of the contractor/construction guys lighting up I figured one last send off would be ok, besides the mornings are the worst for me in terms of cravings. So when I asked him, he handed me a BENSON & HEDGES 100 MENTHOL. That's right. The big green box with the cursive on it. Bear with me, especially if that's your brand, but when I asked the construction worker for a cigarette I was anticipating a 'Red' or at worst a Camel Straight, but he handed me a fiberglass surprise. I couldn't say no (though I'm sure he saw me shiver when he pulled out the box) because I didn't want to offend him as he is one of the workers who is helping to renovate my house. What I hoped for was an enjoyable last smoke. What I got was a bad taste in my mouth. Literally.

I've been smoke free for two days and am feeling pretty good. I'm wearing a patch and have resisted temptations (particularly at work) to rip it off, bum one and light it. Or to rip it off, roll IT up and smoke it. Probably wouldn't taste any worse that a menthol.

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