Monday, December 27, 2004

Give it a Rest

This is a joke. Piling on just because they can:
Al Gore's decision to try to win the 2000 Presidential election in the courts after multiple recounts had confirmed President Bush's victory in Florida continues to have baleful effects. Today Victor Yanukovich said that he would contest the result of yesterday's election in the Ukrainian Supreme Court, notwithstanding what would appear to be a clear, eight-point victory for Yushchenko.

Al Gore's elevation of personal interest and partisanship above the national welfare, in clear contrast to the conduct of former candidates, like Richard Nixon, who had far more legitimate grievances than Gore did, has echoes in the bare-knuckle Washington state "recount" which promises to install a Democratic governor. (Check out Sound Politics for continuing coverage of he situation in Washington.) Unfortunately, Gore's influence is not limited to this country. The United States is widely regarded as the exemplar of democracy, and the conduct that Gore legitimized here will inevitably be seen by many politicians in other countries as legitimate.

In the end, notwithstanding a fairly long career in public life, the only thing that Al Gore will be remembered for is his abuse of the judicial system to try to reverse the result of the 2000 election.

It's all about him, right? There was no reason whatsoever for Gore to contest the 2000 election? Are you sure there weren't irregularities that needed to be contested?

But you've got Jimmy Baker on your squad and even I'd take him over Warren Christopher. Of course it didn't matter. Clarence, Tony & The Gulags made the call.

The only thing you'll remember him for is the 2000 election. If you want to see what else he did, look here.

But I understand if you want to remember him in your own special, partisan way. That's what you do. (Though I congratulate you for not working Clinton's privates into the post. That must have been difficult.)

I'm sure some people are with you...E-C-H-O C-H-A-M-B-E-R

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