Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Blogroll Additions

It's been quite a while since I've added anyone to the Uncle Horns blogroll so I thought tonight would be a good time. Ever since I started using the news reader,Bloglines I've been particularly lax about updating my blogroll. Bloglines is an excellent service which I've previously raved about.

Anyway, behold the newest additions, along with a clever sentence or two:

PSoTD - The name is an acronym for Political Site of The Day and is maintained by Wayne, a Pennsylvanian who writes about a variety of political issues from local to international. Very informative and often worth a chuckle or two. (As are his comments here.)

.blogdaddy - A site maintained by a New Englander who has shown a propensity to blog about a football team from Foxboro, MA. The name escapes me right now... Joking of course, I'm trying to lure him into a wager against my McNabbs. He also provides some very amusing posts about life with his daughter and the trials and tribulations that come from being a father. I can relate.

The Impulsive Buy - Every day Marvo samples and reviews a consumer product and gives it a best-of-five rating. He's sampled everything from Apple's new iLife software suite to Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. (Actually, those are his last two reviews.) The comments at this blog are the best. People share their thoughts about the product and Marvo responds to everyone. Hilarity ensues, people.

What The Hell Happened Last Night - Based in Pittsburgh, this blog features a little bit of everything from work topics to life in the Steel City. The proprietor also just won a Best of Blog (BOB) award for his very impressive photo blog. Stop by and congratulate him.

The Higher Pie - A political blog with a definitive lefty skew, just the way we like 'em. A healthy dose of sarcasm & snark doesn't hurt much either. The name of his blog comes via a quote from the noted linguist, George w. Bush.

Go take a look.

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