Friday, October 06, 2006

Who Are You Going to Believe...

...me or your lying eyes? Believe it, I'm back.

So, Mrs. Horns, me and Wee Horns (aka 333, Little Devil) are sitting in bed and his Wee-ness was in a feisty mood. He peeled off his diaper and we asked him to put it in the trash because, "that's where the dirty things go." He proceeded to go into the closet and put said diaper into Mrs Horns' best purse and turned around and grinned. APPLETREE

Other recent/not-so-recent highlights:

Mrs Horns is in a doctoral program and kicking serious butt.

I'm almost seven months smoke free.

Wee Horns has started pre-school and is acclimating very well while playing and sharing with the other kids. It's neat to see him fitting in. The past three days he hasn't bust into tears when I've dropped him off.

Mrs Horns is teaching in a new school in a district that is barely solvent. I worry about the lack of aides in her classroom.

Things are crazy, but good...

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