Tuesday, June 06, 2006

World Cup

I love myself some soccer/football/futbol/calcio/le foot. There is no better time for me than the World Cup and I'm anxiously awaiting the start this Friday.

A friend sent me an email which had me laughing hysterically. Below you will find a (fictional) sample of the starting line-up for Denmark:

GK - Toomanigoalssen
DEF - Tryandstopussen, Crapdefenssen, Haveagossen
MIDF - Firstsson, Seccondsson, Thirdsson, Legshurtssen
FWD - Notroubleseeingussen, Wherestheballssen, Getthebeerssen

The email I received has several nationalities in it, all equally as funny. All written from an English perspective. If you'd like me to send it to you, drop me a line. (None are as clean as the one above.)

Please note, I'm not laughing at the Danes or any other nationality.

Be sure to tune into a game. Three billion people can't be wrong.

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