Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Bizarre Plot Leads To Kidnapping Charge
According to court documents, a woman said she accepted an offer from Kelly Louis Seale to give her a ride from her residence to an Oklahoma City location. Seale allegedly picked up the woman, took her to his residence in the 1200 block of Silverleaf Drive, "produced a knife and said if she complied, she wouldn't be hurt." The woman said Seale told her of a plan to "disguise himself as a woman to recover money owed to him by people he knew." Seale "produced various makeup items and told her she would be required to apply the makeup to him to help in this effort," the affidavit said. Police said Seale eventually abandoned the plan and returned the victim to her residence "where he took off his shoes and gave them to her as a gesture of apology."

C'est Bizarre
A California man, realizing he forgot the keys to his locked house, tried to enter through its chimney – naked. Police found 23-year-old Michael Urbano lodged in the chimney of his single-story house after neighbors heard cries for help.

Two Men Sentenced For Roles In Bizarre Murder Plot
Two Chicago men have been sentenced for their roles in a bizarre murder plot that involved killing a homeless man and passing his body off as a federal defendant's. Harry Rand, 49, was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for setting up his friend, William White, to be murdered. Raul Rodriguez, 45, got 28 years for his part in White's 2001 suffocation. Prosecutors say a third man, Joseph Kalady, killed White, a 47-year old homeless man, so that his body could be falsely identified as his. Kalady hoped to fake his death to evade trial on charges that he was operating a fraudulent document mill out of a Chicago storefront, prosecutors said.

Bizarre Traffic Accident Kills A Sand Springs Police Horse
A traffic accident early Sunday morning nearly killed a Sand Springs police officer as he crashed into a horse with his police cruiser. The horse was in the middle of the road. Even stranger is the fact the horse was part of the Sand Springs Mounted Police Patrol.

Bizarre Sex Led To Broken Jaw And Fingers, Court Told
A WOMAN claiming she was kidnapped, beaten and repeatedly raped by her boyfriend had consented to the violent sex on which their bizarre relationship was built, a court was told yesterday. The boyfriend has admitted he damaged her phone and broke her jaw during a 10-day episode in late January last year. The Glebe man in his early 20s is also accused of detaining the woman twice in that period, killing her fish, smashing her laptop and camera, beating her and repeatedly raping her. But his lawyer, Eugene Wasilenia, said the woman, who was seven years older than her boyfriend, owned books by the Marquis de Sade and "had fantasies about being raped and beaten and brutalised". Those fantasies were "often enacted", Mr Wasilenia said, but things got out of hand in the alcohol-fuelled episodes in their two-month relationship.

For my bizarre friend, Keith...

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