Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hello There

Yes, I'm still alive. Thriving, in fact. So let's begin where I last left you.

- If you ever have the opportunity to see Billy Joel do it. Really. Just pay your $75 and go. You won't be disappointed. He truly loves playing the songs that he wrote over 30 years ago. One of the most amazing parts was the crowd. Sitting behind us were a group of girls who couldn't have been older than 23. They sang every song in full throat as so many others did. Several rows in front of us was what appeared to be three generations of a family swaying arm-in-arm singing. The grandfather, son & granddaughter, needless to say, knew all the lyrics. I can't think of very many artists who can unite generations like this. Springsteen (at least in the northeast) and Rod Stewart immediately come to mind, but not many others.

- 28 days smoke free. Feel great. Went several days without the patch, but found I have more energy, particularly after work, when I wear it. So we'll be patching for a while at least until I start a *GASP* exercise plan. It will happen. Then you'll get to read about pulled muscles and fun stuff like that. Athletes foot? You got it!

- Wee Horns is getting big and his personality is showing itself in some amazing ways. He's talking like a champ in imitative ways that are more charming than you can imagine. I'm going to try and figure out a way to get some video posted so you can see for yourself. Stay tuned...

- At the end of February I participated in the Landmark Forum and it's changed many facets of my life. I've become a better communicator and been able to channel my natural introspection in ways that I couldn't have imagined possible. Any further attempt at a description of my ongoing transformation wouldn't do it justice. The road I'm traveling now is paved with love.

Thanks for sticking with me. We'll try to post a little more frequently.

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