Thursday, March 30, 2006

Billy Joel

Knock on wood.

Please. Right now.

Good, thanks.

The reason I need the luck is that I'm supposed to take Mrs. Horns to see Billy Joel tonight in South Philadelphia and have every intention of doing so. The problem lies with the last time I bought tix for Mrs. Horns and me to see a concert. I got us tickets for Jimmy Buffett last summer as a Mother's Day present but was unable to go because the wee one was ill. M'Lady is quite the Parrot Head so there was no way she was staying home, despite her well intentioned protests. I had never seen JB before and felt that I wouldn't know what I was missing, so the Oldest Horns lad got to see his first Buffett show and I got to stay home to receive text & picture messages from the show.

That is NOT happening tonight...

(Knock one more time to be safe.)

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