Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snowy Wishes Come True

We have about 13" of snow here in northern Delaware and I'm in no mood to begin shovelling. It will be a relatively laid back day at the Horns' Estate as the wee one is at his grandparents and will be returning late this afternoon. The eldest lad is at his great-grandparents and will most likely return tonight.

The wee one and I were at the mall yesterday before it opened and had a little brekkie from the McDonalds. He really likes the hash browns and after getting his, he tore off toward the fountain. We sat beside the shooting water when he noticed all of the change at the bottom. "MONEY!" he exclaimed as he started to climb toward it. I pulled him back and explained that people throw money in and make a wish. He thought about that for a second and then hurled his hash brown into the center of the fountain. I'm not clear on the wish ruling for the hash-brown-in-the-mall-fountain, but he seemed happy and giggled as we watched the hash brown bob like a cork in the cascading waters.

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