Monday, February 13, 2006

Back on the Wagon

There's a reason I haven't been blogging about my quest to quit smoking. I'm sure you can guess that the wagon hasn't treated me very well, in fact the wagon ran over me several times, backed up and tried to finish the job. Fortunately, the Horns' are a resilient people. Starting today you are going to see much more about my quest to give up the vile herb. (Not that one, CG, this is a family blog.)

I have a renewed faith that I can do it. I know the impetus has to come from within but I'm getting great support from Mrs. Horns and the lads. Particularly, the wee one who crawls on my lap, inches from my face so I can smell his budding halitosis and says, "DADDEEEEE." I don't need much more of a reason than that.

In the past, I've gotten tremendous support from the people who stop by to read my clever three word posts and I hope that continues. Rest assured I will keep everyone comprised of my battle and I appreciate all of your thoughts and good wishes as I put cigarettes behind me for good.

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