Sunday, January 22, 2006


Well at least the 2nd half. Scroll down for newer posts...

8:17 PM EST - A huge congrats to the Steelers for showing the Country who the real Jake Plummer is. Ben Rothlesburger knows how to do an interview, as Nuke LaLoosh learned:

1- Credit teammates
2- Happy with the way the TEAM played
3- Credit opposition for geing tough

Textbook and no bulletin board material.

8:25 - Did you hear? American Idol is back on.

8:28 - Delhomme looked like shite in the first half.

8:29 - If I'm Holmgren, I'm hugely pissed at the non-call on the punt return for a TD by Smith. The ref (with the arms like Vasiliy Alekseyev) had the mic on ready to make the call, and then they picked the flag up. Crap.

8:32 - Panthers 62 yards in the 1st Half. Stinky.

8:34 - The only reason I'm rooting for the Seahawks is that they have two Penn State WRs. Engram and Jurevicius.

8:37 - TD Seahawks. Jackson from Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck is having a great game. Panthers down by 20.

8:39 - It's not raining in Seattle.

8:40 - Rod Smart is returning kicks for Carolina. You may remember him as He Hate Me in the XFL.

8:43 - Delhomme looks like the guy from Lord of the Dance in the pocket. Happy feet.

8:45 - Is Subway so hurting that they still need Jared as a spokeman? He was on the set of the CBS Subway halftime show last week. Funny.

8:48 - Seahawks have the ball again. With the way their D is playing, if the punch it in, it's over.

8:55 - Troy Aikman is an adequate analyst. Joe Buck should be calling Division III field hockey.

8:59 - Nike commercials rarely disappoint. I think Weiden & Kennedy still do them.

9:01 - Did I say stinky? Delhomme's QB rating with 3:24 left in the third: 1.6

9:04 - Carolina: One time-out left. Guh.

9:12 - Delhomme with another pick. What's the lowest passer rating ever?

9:15 - Aikman just said the Panthers are going through the motions. Funny.

9:20 - Great name: Lofa Tatupu

9:24 - I guess it's not my imagination that we're seeing more car ads on TV from Nissan, Toyota and their Asian ilk, in light of the fact that US car companies are in such trouble. Ford will be announcing major lay-offs tomorrow.

9:28 - What's up with all of the cutaways to Steve Smith?

9:32 - The world needs ditch diggers too. 'Hawks 34 Carolina 7

9:37 - Blast from the past: Jim Zorn is Seattle's QB coach.

9:40 - Carter with a TD catch for Carolina. Funny thing is, I think he kept the ball.
Flash forward 30 years...
Carter showing his grandkids the ball, "Grandpa caught this ball for a TD in the NFC Championship Game the year the Steelers won their 4th Super Bowl."
Middle Grandchild asks, "Did you win the game?"
Grandpa Carter, "Go to your room!"

9:49 - Two minute warning. Look for the stories tomorrow about Delhomme being sick during the game.

9:50 - Headline tomorrow in Raleigh: Panthers Crap Bed

9:52 - Joe Buck is an amateur. He just said, "What about the importance of the home field advantage?" What about the Steelers? They won three road games to go to the bowl. Moron.

9:55 - That's it. The Seahawks are going to the Bowl for the first time in their history.

9:55:30 - It would've been nice if the Panthers hadn't missed their flight into Seattle.

9:56 - Do you think Ichiro will go to Detroit for the big game?

10:00 - The President is a fucking liar.

10:00:10 - Just want to make sure you're still awake.

10:03 - I don't get auto racing at all.

10:05 - Host JB with the "Sleepless in Seattle" joke. Clever!

10:05 - Microsoft Biggie Paul Allen is the owner of the Seahawks and before presenting the Halas trophy, Terry Bradshaw asked if he could help him with his email.

10:13 - You've been great. Enjoy the haggis.

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