Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Where I've Been...

You may have noticed that the posting hasn't been as frequent lately. There are a couple of reasons for this...

1. Work - This is an incredibly busy time of year for me. The majority of my clients are planning their media placements for 2006 and I'm knee deep in spreadsheets, phone calls and research.

2. Work - In addition to above, I've been putting together a presentation to get a promotion. It was very extensive and I'm elated to say that I gave it yesterday and everything went perfectly. I received several compliments about my thorough preparation and presentation skills. (The last wasn't a surprise. As a former thespian I really enjoy getting up in front of people.) The fruit of this labor should begin to bare itself on Thursday.

Besides that, I've been busy at Casa Horns helping kids with homework, doing dishes & laundry, getting ready for the holiday and helping Mrs. Horns stay sane through a challenging school year. Our family is always busy but it seems that this year it's a little extra crazy.

I should be back to posting the usual serious and thought provoking pieces very soon.

As a bartender I knew used to say:

Keep moving, don't be a target.

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