Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Good Relationships With The Wookies, I Have

Just watched the final prequel in the Star Wars saga and was blown away (again) by the special effects.

My favorite scene was the fight sequence with Obi-Wan and the four-light-sabre wielding General Grievous.

We're talking about having a family get-together over the holidays when we watch all six consecutively. At which point, talking like Yoda, I will be. Other lines sure to be uttered during the Lucas-athon:

It must be tough to find a job if you're an Ewok.
Use the force and you will not burn the microwave popcorn.
You'd think Vader would've gotten an inhaler by now.
I wonder if Mark Hamill is happy he did the film Corvette Summer?
Uncle Horns, I am your father.

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