Monday, October 24, 2005

Trip to the Renn Faire

A couple of weeks ago one of the eldest Horns went on a field trip to the PA Rennaissance Faire. Everyone in his class got dressed up along with his teachers.

When he returned, the Horns lad shared lots of stories about how much fun he had. Over dinner he shared a question that had been bothering him and it was apparent that he didn't ask anyone else...

"Why did they keep calling us, genitals?"

Mrs. Horns and I stifled our giggles. Apparently he had no idea what the word meant. Mrs. Horns, who has Renn Faire experience, explained what they were saying was, gentles, as in gentle people or those not involved with the Faire. We also explained the meaning of the former word and all had a good chortle.

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