Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sat. Night Live Blog

Penn St. v. Illinois
Flyers v. Leafs
White Sox v. Astros

7:01 - I have a sports smorgasbord tonight and will be channel surfing like a banshee, especially after my Lions put up and an early 28 spot.

7:02 - Mrs. Horns made chili and cornbread for the festivities. (Well, she was going to make it anyway. I don't get special dinners before I wile away an evening in front of the laptop)

7:05 - PSU kicks off. McDonough & Gottfried doing the game, I foresee some upcoming hackery...

7:09 - Illini running the ball well and going no huddle.

7:10 - Gottfried talks S-L-O-W-L-Y

7:12 - Of course if you don't tackle it could be a long way.

7:13 - 2 out of PSUs last three opponents had a bye week before they played the Lions (MI didn't)

7:16 - Illini up early with a FiGgy. 42 off the upright. Crap.

7:17 - Expect tyops

7:20 - Three plays. Touchdown PSU. Ethan Kilmer broke away, surprising speed. Ron Zook doesn't have the firepower .

7:23 - Flyers penalty kill sucks. One nil to the Leafs. On one shot.

7:25 - Tipped ball by Illini. Picked off. Overturned on replay.

7:27 - Powerplay improves. Desjardins scores for the Fyers 1-1

7:28 - Illini punt.

7:33 - Flyers back on the PP. Gagne stuffed at the doorstep by Belfour

7:34 - Lions score another TD on a pass from Mke Robinson. I'll never say another bad word about him.

7:35 - MRob's heart is XXXXL

7:36 - Whoever invented the "LAST" button on the remote should get the Nobel for Couch Sluggery

7:40 - Chili break. My thumb will still be working.

8:02 - One big bowl of Chili. Two Nittany Lion TDs. Hm.

8:05 - Flyers and Leafs knotted at one. The latter had a goal diallowed. 16:45 left in the 2nd.

8:06 - Lions first punt of the day, net 30.

8:08 - ChiSox v. Astos
Contreras vs. Clemens
Joe Buck & Tim McCarver on the call

8:11 - FUMMMBBBLLLLE. Dan Connor scoops it up and goes in for the six.

8:12 - PSU - 35 Illinois - 3 Giddyup. We're on pace for 112.

8:18 - Illini punter will be sore tomorrow. PSU driving...

8:22 - PSU with another score. 42-3 We've been there.

8:23 - Jermaine Dye touches Clemens for a homer. 1-0 Sox after the first.

8:24 - Hilarious Dunkin Donuts ad. Honcho in the boardroom with Iverson style braids trying to be serious.

8:33 - Flyers get a goal while TWO MEN DOWN. 2-1 Flyers. Nice. (Memories of Dave Poulin.)

8:36 - MRob 31 yd TD run. 49-3 Lions WITH FOUR MINUTES LEFT IN THE FIRST HALF

8:38 - Lamb with a matching homer for the 'stros. ChiSox threatening in the bottom of the 2nd. First & third no out.

8:41 - 3rd & long for the Illini and Tamba Hali almost disembowels their QB on a sack. Another punt. I think things are getting a little chippy in Champaign, Illinois.

8:45 - As I said. Illini player ejected for throwing three punches at Anwar Phillips.

8:46 - Morelli in for PSU as the drive for their 8th TD of the first half.

8:49 - Touchdown Penn State. The stadium will be empty by the 4th q.

8:50 - Robinson: 6 TDs (4 pass, 2 rush) ties a school record set in 1914

8:56 - Halftime 56-3 Ass kicking. PSU record for points ina half. A little messgae to the poll voters?

8:58 - ChiSox up3-1 top 3rd. Clemens NOT on. Astros with 2on one out...

9:01 - My surfing Mojo let me down. Lindros scored for the Leafs to tie it, but just as I tune in, the Flyers go back in front on a Gagne goal.

9:05 - Astros tie it at 3. Flyers buzzing like bees around a hive, up 3-2 14 minutes left.

9:06 - Forgot they're playing with the DH. HATE that rule.

9:08- Flyers up 4-2 Brashear tip of a Desjardins drive, from a won face off. 13:00 left.

9:10 - Clemens hurt his prostate back and left the game. Trouble. He may be done done.

9:13 - RAPTURE! Lions get the ball first. We'll score at least 70, Illinois is really that bad...

9:15 - The ChiSox are getting base runners. Too bad I have no idea who any of them are.

9:17 - PSU with 378 yards in the first half. Doesn't that seem low for scoring seven TDs on offense?

9:20 - I can't believe Tie Domi is still in the leaguje. 15 years! I used to loive to watch him fight Probert. I saw him play at the Wachovia Center once and a fan went into the penalty box to fight him. High comedy.

9:22 - The MLB for the Illini eats 12 eggs for lunch each day AND has a mullet.

9:24 - ESPN2 will be pulling out all of the human interest stories for this game. What a dog. I wonder if McDonough & Gottfried will talk about their dinner reservations?

9:26 - I suck. I missed another goal. Flyers up 5-2 with 2:16 to go. We could see Domi & brashear fight...

9:28 - Flyers win. no fights.

9:30 - PSU back-up Morelli will NOT run the option next year after MRob graduates. It looks like he's handling a bar of Zest out there...

4:05 left 3rdQ
PSU - 416
Illinlois Nunnery for the infirmed - 99

9:35 - The defensive backups for the Lions are trying to strip the ball and not tackle. They'll hear about that...

9:37 - Crede HR puts the Chisox up 4-3. I have no idea who he is...

9:40 - Another defensive TD! By a 3rd string safety. PSU up 63-3. Just over 16 minutes to go.

9:43 - I'm not drinking now, although I did try some of Mrs. Horns' Chimay earlier...

9:45 - Another INT for Illinois. End of the 3rd. McDonough sends it to commercial, "Lions up by 60 after three." Heh.

9:47 - If you're reading this and you think there is something worthwhile on the telly leave a comment and I'll provide some sarcastic commentary...

9:49 - ChiSox with two on no out. Astros more bullpen action..........Sac bunt............2nd/3rd 1 out.

9:50 - Hey, that's Billy Ball!

9:50:03 - Predictably followed by an Int Walk which brings up Pfjdbcmemuhokijhfinski.....

9:52 - Double play. Inning over.

9:55 - If the Lions don't get 70 I'll be disappointed...

9:59 - Illini punter has NINE kicks, six of them over 50 yards.

10:07 - Penguins still winless

10:08 - Blogging for three hours...

10:10 - Illinois threatening........TD Illinois. Crap. And they didn't go for two. 63-10 Lions. 3 to go.

10:12 - Time for another bowl of Chili.....

10:40 - Refreshed.Sox uo 4-3 top of the 8th. Contreras hit three batters and he's done after giving uo a lead-off double in the 8th...

10:42 - LSU-Auburn game is excellent. The Bayou Bengals are ahead of the Lions in the polls now, I hope they lose. They are leading now 14-10

11:00 - I'm done. G'night.

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