Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Why Do I Punish Myself?

The answer is two fold.

First, I watched the entire Phillies game last night. Yes, the one that had a two hour forty minute rain delay at the start. The first pitch was at 9:45 and I watched the whole thing, getting to bed around 12:50 this morning.

Second, as a Philadelphia sports fan I keep hoping that one of my teams will be able to turn it around and make the jump to Champions. The Phils lost last night after giving up several unearned runs to the Mets in the 8th. I stay up late in the hopes that they'll show me something to believe in and give themselves momentum. That didn't happen and I fear last night's game spells S-E-A-S-O-N O-V-E-R. They still have a mathematical chance, but they'll need to win four of the last five to have a chance at making the playoffs. I'm not hopeful.

I'm tired & cranky.

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