Monday, September 26, 2005

Nittany Lions vs. Golden Gophers

My buddy runs a couple of PSU memoribilia/clothing stores in State College, PA and he emailed today looking for a slogan for the buttons they're making for the PSU-MN game this weekend.

My ideas:

A good gopher is a beaten gopher
A good gopher is a dead gopher
A good gopher is a scored upon gopher
Last time I saw a gopher it was under my axle
Gopher? Isaac had the drinks.
Julie the cruise director was better looking than Gopher
Gopher=meat for stew
Gopher Two! You'll need it.

And the winner:

UPDATE: Someone tell me they got the Love Boat references and I'm not turning into a dottering old man grasping at straws and the chance to see Randolph Mantooth, Scott Baio or Charo on a rerun aboard the Pacific Princess.

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