Monday, September 26, 2005

Fun with Freepers aka The Kool-Aid Acid Test

Somehow this guy I knew in college found out about my blog and we've started to correspond via email. He's not a bad person and we've tilted many a pint, but he only seems to care about the politics of Uncle Horns. (What about my good looking kids?) We had this engagement today:

He first sent me this, with the subject "Damn Liberal Mayors"
Forest Hills mayor arrested at Steelers game
Monday, September 26, 2005


The mayor of suburban Forest Hills was arrested outside the Steelers game yesterday.

Raymond J. Heller Jr. was charged with public drunkenness and defiant trespass, authorities said.

Police said Heinz Field security refused to let Heller into the stadium because he was drunk and arrested him when he refused to leave the property.

Heller could not immediately be reached for comment.

He always starts with the "Liberal" thing, so I responded:
It's not as bad as the entire leadership of the GOP...

Bush/Rove - Being investigated for releasing the name of a covert CIA Operative.

House Majority Leader Tom Delay - Still being investigated. The entire staff of his PAC has been indicted for improper use of corporate donations.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist - Being investigated by the SEC for selling all of his HCA stock a week before it lost 25% of it's value. If you believe it was a true blind trust I have some ocean front land in North Dakota to sell you.

That's just the beginning...

This got the ball rolling...
Investigations and accusations will never end in politics on both sides. I don’t buy into all that shit.

Dems attack Bush. (who I voted for)

GOP attacks Clinton (who I voted for)

It’s all bullshit to discredit. It’s all a waste of time and money.

Berger has said he "inadvertently" removed classified documents from the National Archives. ( He’s being investigated.) In his statement, Berger said that "when I was informed by the Archives there were documents missing, I immediately returned everything I had, except for a few documents that apparently I had accidentally discarded."

Hahahahahah!!!!!! Ooops, wonder which documents were accidently discarded? (anything with Billy’s name on it?)

But only GOP has bad leadership?

I didn’t think Clinton was a bad leader because he was getting down in the Oval office. Not a good thing to do, but who cares? He was a player and Hillary is a Bitch so I don’t blame him.

I was so sick of the GOP investigating him. I’m like goddam he was getting his cocked sucked by an intern, wouldn’t you if you had that wife? Can we move on?

PS I’m down with the Mayor getting fucked up at a Steeler game. It Show’s he’s trying to get connected with his Constituents. Its hilarious!!!!

He’s trying to show that he is the people’s Mayor!!!!

PSS I’m not going to enjoy your firestorm reply am I?

At least he admitted voting for Clinton. But I followed up with some rebuttal and then a question
You're right about the politics part and the waste of money (SEE: Ken Starr & Whitewater $100 million in taxpayer cash and nothing of substance.) But the serious investigations going on are unprecedented. I wouldn't be surprised to see Rove do the perp walk and that's not just wishful thinking.

Berger took his medicine and that's that. If there was anything in there about Clinton don't you think we would've heard about before the 9/11 Commission convened? The GOP would do anything to taint his name and thus, Hillary's.

When Clinton was impeached he had a 60% approval rating. Bush won't see that again while he's President, even if he finishes his term.

Would you vote for Bush again, knowing what you know now?

Used fear (9/11) and a uranium claim to get us into war where over 1900 soldiers have died when neither connection was true.
Opposed formation of an independent 9/11 commission (and only testified when he negotiated to appear with Cheney.)
Opposes independent Katrina commission
Hasn't attended the funeral of one soldier, but will manipulate the death of Pat Tillman for political gain.
Uses politics to manipulate everything:
a - Changes scientific reports by the EPA (and other agencies) to meet his agenda. e.g. Air quality in NY after 9/11 (Whitman quit b/c of this.)
b - Appoints cronies for important government positions, "Brownie, you're doing a hell of a job."
c - Passes a prescription drug benefit that won't allow the gov't to negotiate prices with drug companies.
d - No bid contracts to companies closest to the WH. Halliburton's stock price has doubled since the start of the Iraq war
e - Deliberately selects a justice for the supreme court that doesn't have enough background to seriously question his qualifications for the job. He was questioned at length by Senators who couldn't get any answers. You're dreaming if you think he didn't answer those questions when Rove, Card & Bartlett asked him. Good bye Roe and perhaps, Griswold.

Passes tax cuts that he insists benefit the middle class, but that's obviously not true, and proven so.
Alienates us from countries who have been our allies since before 1800. (He's sent Karen Hughes overseas to change this. JOKE!)

Those are just off the top of my head...

Let's face it, Bush was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.

His final response was right out of the Michelle Malkin playbook. And, yes, he does resort to swearing to get his point across. Beware.
Yes I would vote for him again.

Clinton 60% approval rating????? Uncle Horn Head could have gotten a 60% approval rating in those times. It was a c akewalk without 9/11 and then the recession and the 90s economic boom. (which wasn't because of him) I don't give total credit to presidents for the economy. There are economic cycles and things happen that don't have anything to do with policies. Also Congress has to pass the budget or the tax cuts or increases, so they share in it too.

Congress had the same evidence as Bush when presenting reasons to go to war. If you think Bush just wanted to go to war for the hell of it , your crazy. He did it because he believed he was protecting the US and the world.

If you really think Bush is trying to manipulate Haliburton stock, your smoking crack. I mean come on.

The reason is that Haliburton is getting no-bid contracts is because they are the only company on the planet that can do that type of work. If you bid it out, how fucking long would it take and what if the low bidder couldn't finish the job??? (which happens all the time in construction and industry) What a mess.

Oh no, Hussein wasn't hiding anything he was a good leader. He wasn't doing anything that could possibly threaten the US or other counties.

Yes soldiers have died. War sucks. We've sacrificed so that a country has the potential to be free instead of living under a dictator that killed over 100,000 of his own people.

I personally can't wait till he's executed. They should show it Live.

I'm glad we are killing terrorists in Iraq instead of in the U.S.

Isn't it also great how Syria pulled out of Lebanon recently. Yeah they want to be free too.

Get rid of these hate breeding dictators and their terrorist states we will get rid of the terrorists.

If you think the US policies are causing terrorists then you are cooky.(not saying you do, just saying that in general) Not everyone likes policies of the US but you don't kill innocent civilians because of it.

Alienating Allies?

Russia and France had Saddam Hussein so far up their ass!!!!!!!!!!!! (oh yeah but HE (and THEY) wasn't violating US Sanctions or anything, so why would he hide WMDs or try to make them?.)

That whole mustard gassing of the Kurds, yeah we should just ignore that too.

Talk about no bid contracts. What FRA and RUS were doing was deplorable. Oil for Food what a joke. Of course France and Russia didn't want us to invade, they knew they would be exposed. They were in bed with the bastard. And Bush is pissing off the Eurocrats???? Good.

Fuck them. Bush finally stands up to the evil people in this world and we have to be worried about pissing off German and France???? Thats a joke.

The UN is a joke.

We lost 100,000 men fighting for EUROPE's freedom in WW2. They should be careful who THEY piss off.

I love how the British implemented racial profiling after the London Bombings. Wow their policies changed pretty quick.

Wow. A little Pepto might take care of that, but I'm not sure.

I don't have the energy to respond, but anyone (on either side) who has something to add leave a comment and I'll bump it up if it's left leaning worthwhile.

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