Saturday, July 23, 2005

WXPN - All About the Music Weekend

If you're a musc lover in Philly this weekend you could do a lot worse than this festival and concers at Wiggin's Park on the Camden Waterfront. There is a main stage, Philly local stage and kids stage along with a kids area for fun.

Four-Fifths of the Horns family will be there Saturday & Sunday. It will be pretty easy to see us...

Me: 6'3" White t-shirt, tan PSU hat, Oakley's & bad posture
Mrs. Horns: 5'9" Cowboy hat, beautiful calves that would make Lance Armstrong jealous & a great smile
Kids: 11 & 2 - Screaming. They'll be in a blue stroller and/or a red radio flyer wagon

We'll probably be around the kids area or the XPN member tent.

Hope to see you there!

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