Friday, July 01, 2005

Countdown to Battle Royale

Sandra Day O'Connor gets to hit the links and the thinking people get to worry about:

When will Rehnquist resign?
Will the dual resignations doom Roe? Griswold?
Is the nuclear option back on the table?
If Frist tries to go nuclear will it strengthen or weaken his Presidential ambitions?
How will this impact the mid-term elections?
Does Harry Reid have what it takes to keep the Dem losses to a minimum?
How about the losses for the non-Christian majority?
Will the terms "back alley" and "wire hanger" enter our vernacular with more frequency?
Will Judiciary Chair Specter fold under White House pressure or stick by his ideals?

What are you worried about?

BTW - Justice O'Connor is an avid golfer.

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