Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Teacher Needed at Sidecreek Elementary

Because this one won't be around for much longer:
AURORA, Colo. -- A teacher at Sidecreek Elementary School in Aurora was placed on leave Thursday after the mother of a fifth grader reported that the teacher taped their son's mouth shut.

Gabriel Solarin describes how a teacher wrapped his head with adhesive tape.

The incident allegedly occurred on Wednesday, but the Laura Solarin didn't learn about it until she called home to check on her son, Gabriel, after school and he told her what happened.

"He gets the tape out of the desk and he starts wrapping it (around my head) in layers," said Gabriel, 11. "He went around (my head) maybe about 10 times. "

Gabriel said the the teacher left the tape on him for about 15 minutes before two other teachers saw it...

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