Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Retaining Virginity Through Adolescence Has Positive Effects

According to a study from Focus on the Family:
..."It is very much as we suspected - that adolescent virginity has a significant impact on well-being in middle adulthood," Finger said. "We found that men and women who were virgins at age 18, when evaluated approximately 20 years later, had about half the risk of divorce, had completed about an additional year of education and had annual incomes nearly 20 percent higher than those who were not virgins at 18. We used 18 as the cutoff age because it gave approximately equal populations of virgins and non-virgins to study.

"We found, as well, that these better outcomes were not merely the result of avoiding teenage pregnancy or fatherhood," Finger continued. "The outcomes are inherent to remaining abstinent."...

If Focus on the Family sounds familiar to you, then their founder and leader should as well. James Dobson founded the organization in 1977 but is more well known for some other things...

Newsweek recently interviewed Dobson and it seems that he's Focused on a little more than just the Family:
...I asked him (Dobson) what his top priority was in public life, and was astonished to hear him answer: ending the filibuster rule. Any Republicans who stray from the party line on that issue can expect the full weight of Dobson to come down on them...

My favorite Dobson-ism is his equating Spongebob Squarepants with the "gay agenda". He says he was misquoted in the speech. What he did say, as a correction was this:
...What Dobson did say in a speech in Washington during an event sponsored by the Family Research Council was that SpongeBob is one of 100 popular animated characters that may have been co-opted by an innocuous-sounding group to promote acceptance of homosexuality by children. The group, the We Are Family Foundation, has produced a video slated for distribution to 61,000 public and private elementary schools. The video features SpongeBob, Big Bird, Barney and others singing the old disco hit “We Are Family” and spreading a message of “diversity and unity.”

Dobson said that while words like “diversity” and “unity” sound harmless, even noble, the reality is that they are often used by homosexual activists as a cover for teaching children that homosexuality is the moral and biological equivalent to heterosexuality. Dobson maintains that there is ample evidence that the We Are Family Foundation shares and promotes that very view.

“Unfortunately,” Dobson said, “the We Are Family foundation has very strong homosexual advocacy roots and biases.”...

Does that make you feel better?

Go visit the contact page at the Focus on Family web site and tell Dr. Dobson what you think about his political & religious views and his attempts to influence Congress. I did and it felt pretty f****** good.

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