Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Puppy Update

Our baby beagle, Laurel, has recently taken to chasing the cat, Cirakit (SEER-uh-kit), around the house. Her tail is up so we can tell the dog is playing. Cirakit does not have access to this information.

I hope the animals can peacefully co-exist because Cirakit is a beautiful blue-point Siamese and having her picture taken with Laurel would be special. Unless Cirakit's head was in Laurel's mouth; that would be less special.

I've take Laurel for five or six walks since she's entered our lives and she has yet to go to the bathroom for me. I'm not sure what it is, but either of the older boys can taker her out and he pees & poos like a champ. The only time she pees for me is when I pet her. In the house.

One good thing about the late night dog walk is the chance to listen to my iPod. I was listening to Rachmaninoff last night. Good times.

I hope Laurel's excretive activity is under control soon. If so, you may not have many more posts like this. If not, you'll find out how many words I know for poo. No wagering.

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