Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Pope Blogs or Does He?

Decide for yourself here.

A couple of reasons why I think this may not be legit:

He's using Blogger. Couldn't the Pontiff afford to use Moveable Type or pay for his own domain?

He has a book called The Vatican Diet. With the catchy slogan, "Gain holiness not fat."

The most recent post from yesterday only has 15 comments. You'd think the leader of the Catholic Church would generate more of a response.

If this really was the Pope, I don't think he'd blog about his oily skin. Doesn't he have bigger fish to fry? (So to speak.)

Are Popes ever sarcastic? This one is:
...So, here’s some words of advice for anyone who thinks they might be famous:

If you think you might become famous (and you’ll probably never get as famous as me), make sure and keep all your possessions that way you could sell them later for big bucks...

Of course, if this really is Benny XVI, then I'm mistaken.

Tip of the Horn to The All Spin Zone for bringing this to our attention.

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