Friday, May 06, 2005

Baby Crack

From the, "I Can't Believe I Haven't Blogged This Yet" department...

Weekday mornings around chateau Horns are usually pretty hectic as we get everyone ready for school/work/day care. But one of the most amusing parts of the morning (and other parts of the day) is when the big man is hungry and points to the cupboard and says, "crack." Some of the first snacks he ever really enjoyed were crackers and he is now equating the root word to any type of travel or snack food.

Unfortunanately, I'm not the best at correcting him as of yet. I'll carry him downstairs before 6:30am, after getting us dressed and ask him, "Do you want some crack?" or "Where's your crack?" He knows exactly what I'm talking about and goes right to the cabinet where we keep the illicit baby treats. Our friends who have experience with speech therapies and other child development things tell us this isn't a big deal, which I'm thankful for, as the comic effect is rich. Particularly so early in the morning.

UPDATE: Mrs. Horns likens the noise he makes to some of the animals in Land of the Lost. You know the, "C-R-A-A-A-A-C-K" noise prehistoric creatures made roaming the valleys. This sound is made more when he's getting a little impatient for crack, sometimes in the AM. Later in the day he is more succinct in his requests for crack snacks.

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