Friday, March 18, 2005

Tournament Friday

Live Blogging of Tourney Day Two.

1:02 Got my iced caramel mocha and an empty house; ready for some round ball.

1:04 I donn't know why I take part in pools every year. I always pick only two final four teams and finish in the bottom third of the pack. My champs in my three pools are Duke, OKST & Wake Forest. This is the first year that I've completed all my pools online. This Internet thing is working out pretty good.

1:05 War of the Worlds looks like it's going to have some good special effects. Tom Cruise not withstanding.

1:10 Just so you know, I'm operating on Wilmington, DE time.

1:11 Florida is up by 6 with two minutes to go in the first half. Verne Lunquist & Bill Raftery are doing the game. #2 seed OKST is up by eight with 4:20 to go in the first. I'm liking the real time scores CBS has running at the top of the screen. Gamblers everywhere are rejoicing at this. (Perhaps even the women in my office who invariably win every pool like it too. You know the ones, they like the teams with the pretty blue uniforms.)

1:15 I just heard my first Raftery-ism of the day. "Send it in!" His most famous "send it in" came after Pitt's Jerome Lane gusjohsoned the rim from the backboard back in the 80s. Everyone thinks Darryl Dawkins was the first to do it. Nope. It was Gus Johnson.

1:18 FL-OH are at the half so now we're treated to the CBS "number one" broadcast team of Jim Nantz & Billy Packer. Like an ice pick to my ear hole.

1:25 Greg Gumbel doing highlights now that almost all of the first games are at the half. Did anyone notice that Nantz & Gumbel switched roles during the past NFL season? I always felt that Gumbel & lead NFL analyst Phil Simms had great rapport, not so Nantz/Simms. It was painful to watch sometimes. Nantz was trying too hard to be one of the guys.

1:30 Just checked the work voicemail. Only three messages and nothing urgent.

1:30:30 WOOHOO!

1:31 Keeping up with work emails too so I don't have surprises on Monday. This iBook is the best thing I ever bought.

1:33 Just under a month until the Masters. Sweet.

1:34 Hey look another car commercial. Did you know that GM is the company that spent the most on advertising for each of the last three years? Now you do. Not all of the ads are dring March Madness, it just seems that way.

1:40 Florida is up by eight with 18 min to go. The whipped cream they put on top of the caramel mocha is the perfect touch.

1:41 Mmmmmmm whipped cream.

1:43 The closest contest at the moment is seven points out of all the first games. We need a fight or something to liven things up.

1:45 Ohio is officially getting spanked by Florida. They miss Gary Trent.

1:46 FL on a 25-7 run. Get a TO baby! They do.

1:44 When I partake in the staccato blogging my spelling suffers. Badyl.

1:50 NC St. & Charlotte are in a one point game, we should get to see that game shortly.

1:53 I got to see a good portion of Mark McGwire's testimony on the news this morning. He was SO on the juice. And not just the Andro either. He never said, "I'm taking the fifth." He just refused to answer. G-U-I-L-T-Y.

1:57 Florida's Matt Walsh (#44 with the headband) has an outstanding head of hair. Not jealous, just an observation.

1:59 Florida coach Billy Donovan still looks the same as he did when he went to the Final Four with Providence back in the day. I forget the year but the ascending Rick Pitino was his coach.

2:01 Warm up the bus! Florida up by 20. Hair boy has seven assists.

2:02 Best line from a commercial so far: "Being an actress is torture on my hair and scalp." The media buyer who placed that ad should be fired for placing a women's hair care ad on during the Tournament. His excuse: "The scheduler said that Guiding Light would be on." Get a newspaper.

2:03 Yes. I'm a media buyer. Planner too.

2:06 CBS WTF are you waiting for?!?! NCST/Char is a two point game with three minutes left. Get it together...

2:12 I love the Chevy commercial with the dude in the back seat of the full cab pick up singing Shania Twain's 'Man, I feel like a woman' while his buddies cringe. Funny. Good job media buyer.

2:13 Yes. We still have the FL game on.

2:16 For you leftys out there... Josh Marshall is getting married so media man extrordinaire and Smither voice guy Harry Shearer is now guest blogging at Talking Points Memo. Check it out.

2:19 Ohio has cut Florida's lead to 13. Ludquist is saying it's a game again. I disagree.

2:20 #2 OKST is only up five with four minutes left.

2:25 OK maybe it is a game. Ohio only down seven with two FTs coming. Florida launching crazy threes. No one crashing the boards...

2:32 Florida sucks. Tie game two minutes to go.

2:34 Hair boy misses a three badly. OH doesn't make them pay. No urgency from FL. An airball from the outside and Roberson makes a layup and one. FL up three 38 seconds...

2:40 Time out Ohio down five :21 to go. It'll take a miracle now. All of the other games are over with no surprises.

2:43 Just about done. Ohio has a former player on the bench who will be returning to Mosul on nTuesday. Perspective.

2:45 Done. Florida by five. They play like that on Sunday they'll be in class on Monday after an L.

2:47 Next game starts in seven minutes. Time to go down to the basement and change the litter box. Basketball & cat poo. It's FANtastic.

2:57 Next game I'm seeing is UConn and Daunte Culpepper's Alma Mater, Central Florida. They could use him today.

2:58 This could turn into the longest blog post ever as Mrs. Horns is going to dinner and a movie tonight with one of her friends.

3:00 UConn is pretty good. Calhoun always seems to have his team peaking now. Thet's why he has two rings...

3:01 UConn is on a pace for 120

3:07 UCF is hanging in there, only down five. Daunte is in his TV room doing his ghost speedbag routine hoping for a miracle.

3:09 Monster.com spends a ton of coin on advertising. That would be a fun account to work on

3:12 Since I'm in the Philly TV market we'll probably get to see the Villanova game coming up. I haven't seen them play a single game this year. Before I went back to school I lived in West Philly and went to the Palestra all the time for Big Five games. Those were the days. If you ever get to see a game at Penn's home gym you should, the mecca of college hoops.

3:15 Yup. Nova vs. New Mexico. Raftery & Lunquist again. You can look for Verne to be calling the action from the 16th tower at Augusta in a couple of weeks. You won't be seeing Gary McCord there. Bill Raftery will go back to managing his car washes.

3:19 Nova pitching a shut out!!!! 2-0 17:30 to go first half.

3:20 Shut out intact after NM misses to FTs. 5-0

3:44 Short break as Mrs. Horns just got home from work.

3:45 Villanova up 23-6 7 minutes to go. Shut out over but UNM would love double digits now. Daunte just tried to call his bookie.

3:50 Those Applebee's Ribs *kissed* with BBQ sauce look pretty good. Of course if they looked like crap no one would go there. Except for the Aryans.

3:52 Nova up 29-8 4 minutes left in half one. Ouch.

3:54 UNM into double digits. Villanova calls timeout. Seriously.

3:55 How can CBS fit two :30 commercials into a :30 timeout?

4:03 CLEAN UP, AISLE THREE! Nova 34 UNM 11 Half time. The New Mexico team will each eat three smelling salts during the break.

4:09 It looks like all four afternoon games are lopsided. Hopefully some team will pull a Florida so we can get at least one more good finish before tonight's games.

4:28 UNM cuts the 'Nova lead to 18. Baby steps. I maybe from Philly but I'm indifferent on whether Villanova goes all the way. Sure I'd probably hop on the bandwagon if they went to the final four, but I can take'm or leave 'em.

4:37 It sounds like they removed Ms. Schivo's feeding tube. Why is it national news?

4:39 Nova going cold in the second half from three, but still lead by 19. A +13 rebounding margin helps.

4:43 L'il Kim convicted of perjury. Could go up l'il river for 20 years.

4:44 UCF only down 8 to UConn. Culpepper may call bookie again.

4:45 Nova up 17.

4:46 *Yawn*

6:17 Had to pick up my car, but I'm back and not done yet. No big surprises in the late games. Mrs. Horns is out at the movies and I'm home with three kids. I'll spare you the Simpsons blogging now, though this episode does have Sideshow Bob. Love him. Young Liam (22 mos.) is quite adept at turning on the DVD player and putting in Finding Nemo, he could start it if he knew the TV/Video button on the remote. I'll give him another month until he's got that down. More kid blogging soon. The Schwans guy is here.

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