Friday, March 18, 2005

Live Blogging - FRI NIGHT

The post below represents four hours of blogging on the early games today, this post is for the evening games. It's not just hoops as ther post below will attest...

8:10 We're getting Nantz & Packer for the Duke-Del St. game. The crowd is firmly against Duke and the DSU Hornets are only down six late in the first. I have Duke winning one of my pools but would trade that for a Dookie "L" in a second. I hate Duke and they'd lose to a team from the state I currently reside in.

8:14 Again, when I speed blog my spelling sucks and since I can't type that doesn't help matters.

8:18 For about seven seconds the two older boys were excited that a Delaware team could make tournament history. But apparently Nick is showing their first Anime cartoon ever. Priorities, I suppose. The youngest of the lads didn't get a very long nap today so he's already hit the sack. He'll be up early, but that's OK as Arsenal will play Blackburn tomorrow at 7:30 am.

8:20 Vermont is giving the 'Cuse a run in the second half. The Orange are only up four and VT is 1/10 for three. 3pt play VT down one...

8:25 If you enjoy sports you'll improve your enjoyment with HDTV. Trust me. Of course the Miller "taste loss" ads are crap in Analog, Digital or HD.

8:27 They just showed a VT fan holding a glass slipper making a Cinderella reference. If Cinderella wore the shoe that guy was holding she'd be on a stage with a pole. I think you know what I mean. VT up three.

8:37 According to Michigan Police, blogging is a serious problem. Yeesh.

8:40 VT up six. 10 minutes to go. The kids are back. Anime has nothing on March Madness.

8:44 (Still blogging on EST) Syracuse just got jobbed. Dude dunks it and hangs on the rim forasecond and gets rung up for a Technical. Crap call...

8:45 McNamara is one out of ten from the field. VT holding five with 7:36 to go. If Syracuse is going to come back, Mac is going to have to start draining 3s...

9:04 Mac hit a couple but it's up to VT now. :15 left and VT has the ball tied up....They turn it over. Dude steps on the baseline driving to the hole. 3.7 seconds left and 'Cuse has to go the length of the floor....

9:05 OVER-TIME Mac misses a runner at the buzzer. I think VT had their chance...

9:15 One of the best basketball games I've seen in a long time...

9:20 Vermont holds on. Me and the lads enjoyed it very much. They aren't into sports as much as I am, but I'm glad we were able to share that game together.

10:13 Thanks for stopping by. I'm hitting the sack...

I'll leave you with the announcement about the Thumb Wrestling Championships. No sneak attacks!

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