Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday

No work today and a chance for me to get rid of some junk around the house and spend time with Mrs. Horns and the lads.

Speaking of the lads, I had my first conversation with Liam this morning and I'm beaming. He's a month short of two years old and been slow forming speech. His great-grandmother and daycare provider aren't concerned, which makes me feel a little better, but we still took him to a speech pathologist a couple of months back. Mrs. Horns has also been using a program called Boardmaker to generate illustrations on her laptop and when you run the mouse over the picture a voice says the name. We've started with "apple" and "banana" because he loves both of them. This seems to have helped.


When the little man got up today he said what sounded very similar to, "That's the light", while pointing to the ceiling fan. I confirmed that it was the light while turning to the light while holding him. He then said what sounded like, "Pull the cord", while pointing to the chains hanging from the ceiling fan. I then looked at him and clearly said, "You want to be careful with the cords, you could pull the ceiling fan down and it would go *BRKKSH*." (Think of the sound Kramer made when George's worlds were colliding.) Liam paused for a moment and then laughed, his head rolling back. He understood that I was making a joke.

Beaming, I tell you.

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