Sunday, February 06, 2005

Philadelphia Inquirer: Please God, Deliver Us a Victory

Editorial writers today have a letter to the man upstairs. Because you need to register, I've copied the entire thing here. Over the top? Yes. But it will give you an idea how the Eagles and, to a lesser extent, all of the other teams define this city.
Dear God,

This prayer makes us feel somewhat guilty, let's confess that right away.

Many folks probably think it's unseemly for a newspaper to get down on its knees and pray to God Almighty for a Super Bowl victory. They'd say it's a superficial subject for invoking divine intervention.

And maybe You agree with them. God knows - uh, You know - that You are busy with more important matters, from tsunami relief to everyday wedding blessings.

Be that as it may, God, please please please please please grant the Eagles a victory today.

Philadelphia fans deserves a Super Bowl victory. The people here are good, honest (give or take an FBI probe of City Hall), hard-working, family-oriented fans who love our team. Most of us don't know what it feels like for our Eagles to win a championship. To share that exultant joy with friends, to hug strangers on the street - well, that only happens when teams win championships or wars end. Not nearly often enough. So try us.

Nothing against Boston, God, but you already answered its prayers last fall when the Red Sox finally won the World Series. And the Patriots have won like, what, a dozen Super Bowls? Boston has been there, done that. Boston doesn't need a victory the way that Philadelphia does.

Obviously, You see all, so You probably see that we have been risking Your wrath as the big game approaches. Yes, we have sinned. Pride? We planned a parade. And one of our players, Freddie Mitchell, disrespected the other team. Gluttony? We feasted for feasting's sake at Wing Bowl 13. (Didn't anybody think to skip this unlucky number?) Don't hold these acts against us, we beseech You. They're signs of our passion for our team, our city, our brotherhood and sisterhood of fans.

Philadelphia fans get a bad rap. Other people say we boo too often, even at Santa Claus. Well, that was decades ago, and even the fill-in Santa who got pelted said he had it coming. Philadelphians have heart. We cheered 11-year-old Timmy Kelly, who is blind, when he sang the national anthem at the last game. He practiced in a snowstorm. That's heart.

Some TV comedians did a funny bit years ago in which they'd protest: "We are not worthy." Dear God, on this day, Eagles fans are worthy. From Mount Airy to Mount Holly, from the Northeast to South Street, from Paoli to Paulsboro, Eagles fans deserve this day. Please grant us this victory.

And we won't even ask you about the point spread. Thank you. Amen.

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