Monday, January 24, 2005

Johnny Carson

I was sad to learn of Johnny Carson's passing from emphysema. I used to watch him three or four nights a week sneaking down to the TV room. He had an amazing way of putting his guests at ease with a graciousness I've never seen replicated, though Peter Kessler on TGC came closest in my opinion.

One time I was watching and Johnny concluded an interview segment with his standard, "...and we'll be right back." Evidently he thought that his director cut immediately to the break because he turned and took a drag of a cigarette that was lit behind his desk. I remember thinking at the time (I must've been 12 or 13), 'he must really like to smoke...' because of the urgency of his inhalation. I don't know how long Johnny Carson smoked or if the smoking was directly attributable to his emphysema, but I'd wager it was.

Just another reason I'm happy to be ten weeks smoke free.

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