Sunday, January 30, 2005

Did I Mention...

...that the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl?

(I have a chance of going to the game. I'll give details, either way, this week. Don't want to curse myself.)

Brian Murphy at ESPN.com has a cool article about Philly fans and how some celebrated the NFC Championship win against the Falcons. Here is a sample:

Warning! Sophomoric Humor Alert!

...Lest we get too sentimental, reader Fran L. informs us that a pregame TV report on the local Fox affiliate found a reporter chasing down "The Naked Fan" in the Linc parking lot. The female reporter attempted to interview Naked Fan, who responded by turning to face the reporter, grabbing his genital region and, as Fran writes, "in his best Austin Powers said: 'Do I make you horny, baby?'"...

Warned you.


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