Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Manchester United: PARTY BRAWLS

The epitome of class:
The Manchester United Christmas party twice erupted into mass brawls after Darren Fletcher and Rio Ferdinand were punched, says The Sun.

The party at Manchester's Prohibition bar twice kicked off big time - with players like Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville piling in to help their teammates.

The first brawl started just before midnight when a 'spotty friend of a reserve team player' punched Darren Fletcher, knocking him to the floor.

Neville, Rooney, Wes Brown and Rio Ferdinand all piled in to help out Fletcher - but the trouble was apparently soon calmed.

Then at about 2.30am a mysterious 'man in a white suit' punched Ferdinand, seemingly out of the blue. So the by-now drunk players all piled in once again to have another brawl.

The players are said to have drunk £50,000-worth of champagne before leaving the club at 5am.

Don't forget about the match on Boxing Day, lads.

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