Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Big Man

No, I'm not talking about Clarence Clemons.

I'm writing about my 19 month old son. And when I say big I mean it. He's in the 95th percentile for height and is about 35 pounds. He can climb into his high chair by himself and can go up and down the stairs, though I spot him so he doesn't fall. He also has an attitude.

Last night before I got home from work Mrs. Horns took something from him, I think it was a meat cleaver pen or something. We discourage self-impaling. From what I understand the Big Man was none to happy to be dispossessed of this writing implement. So much so that he ran to his diaper pail and fished out a very soiled diaper and threw it at Mrs. Horns. Thankfully it was taped up, so the cargo wasn't lost (I'm glad I learned to do THAT.) We didn't have the radar gun on him but apparently my boy has some velocity on his diapers. We may work on the circle change or split finger pitch when I get home tonight.

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