Friday, November 05, 2004

Nice Shot

NJ School Hit By Jet Fighter Ammo:
There was a near catastrophe this week when a jet fighter strafed an elementary school in New Jersey.

No one was injured in the incident, which happened on Wednesday night.

Military officials confirmed that an F-16 fighter jet on a routine training mission fired 25 rounds of ammunition, hitting the wrong target and tearing through the roof of the Little Egg Harbor Township Intermediate School.

The shots damaged ceiling tiles, a desk and left some debris on the floor. Several janitors were inside the school when it happened, officials said.

One of the janitors called police after hearing what she said sounded like someone running across the school's roof.

The school is more than three miles from the Warren Grove Firing Range, which is used as a training ground for fighter pilots all over the East Coast.

Military officials said they were still investigating why the incident happened.

Classes had been canceled Thursday and Friday because of a teachers convention and were scheduled to resume on Monday.

Ways to get out of school: Teacher strikes. Snow days. Flood days. Friendly Fire Days.

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