Sunday, November 14, 2004

Mrs. Horn has something to say

Knowing that someone or everyone will think I have committed the ultimate evil Blog act while my poor husband sleeps..... Here goes... EBY I love you.
In the last 4 years you have stood by my side over D's trauma room bed holding my hand, holding his hand, and holding J as we all wondered if this was the last time no fewer than 10 times.
You worried fussed a fretted about me and wee L as we became parents again (at advanced parental age no less)
When he was 14 days old you held me when we learned my Dad and StepMom had been murdered and took care of the home fort while I flew down to Texas with your long awaited, precious new born son. You supported me and my siblings during those early days in ways we will never know because you did it quietly and with as little upset as possible.
You threw yourself on a situational grenade to save what could be of a relationship with my mother when I was at the point of letting her have a well deserved flaming. In your wisdom you knew I would need a remaining parent down the road.
You said nothing although it was killing you to have me down there with L and you up here with the big boys for months as I worked at the Teaxs home and delt with attys.
You have been my love during months of grief and worry over my younger siblings. Petting my head as I cried and fretted over them even though they are all grown and most of them competent adults.
You worked tirelessly for the future of our boys by regitering voters, banging on doors, and blogging, and talking about the condition you saw in our country and taking a stand that something had to change. You made a difference wherever you went.
You have taken up so much at home now that I'm flat out from my teaching injury (yes, it can be a contact sport)
You stood for your Grandmother's last wishes last month and honored her in the finest of ways at the end of her life.
Now I watched you tonight fussing over me , putting your father at ease, and reassuring members of your side of our family as they face their first tragic death.....Easing your Stepmother's Grief the way you did mine.

I love you. We love you. I want you to look at the headding of your BLOG again. This familiy has faced too much to lose you. We need you. Please stop smoking. Now. Mrs. Horn your wife C

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