Monday, November 22, 2004

Colin's Greatest Hits

2000 - Colin, who owned more than 13 million dollars of America Online and sat on its board, benefits when his son Michael (FCC Commissioner) lets the AOL-Time Warner merger go through. Colin made an estimated 4 million dollars because of the merger.

Colin goes on the campaign trail in support of George W. Bush and serves as the “foreign policy” advisor to the campaign. He is eventually appointed to Secretary of State, where he has served ever since (will retire when successor is confirmed).

2002 - Visits the site of the Jenin Massacre in the West Bank and later testifies to Congress “I’ve seen no evidence that would suggest a massacre took place” despite UN, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reports stating otherwise.

2003 - Colin speaks at the U.N. in February, showing “proof” that Iraq is in possession of banned WMD. The following invasion fails to turn up a single banned weapon.

More from the best Romanian blogger on the planet, Soj, at Liberal Street Fighter.

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