Saturday, November 06, 2004

Arkansas Man Wins City Council Seat Without Campaigning

I heard about this last night on NPR. He said if he ever runs for office again he'll do exactly the same thing:
Mike Overton beat his opponent, Rex Bailey 53% to 47%. Overton says he was covered up with work at his construction company. Bailey, meantime, spent $12,000 campaigning.

Overton's not exactly sure what helped him win his seat on the Springdale City Council. 

"Based on the calls I've been getting from friends, I had a few more votes than anticipated, but who would ever think that you would get them if you don't do what everyone thinks you're supposed to do...get tv ads, radio ads...I did none of that."

Overton never gave any speeches and didn't spend a dime. He won by about 200 votes. He says he's happy about the unexpected win and will serve on the city council.

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