Friday, October 01, 2004

Right Wing Blogosphere Reacts

For the Land of the Lost, the news isn't good.

It's fun to read these guys grudgingly give 44 some respect. You know it's really bad for Bush when his fanatical base is conceding defeat on the first debate.

The only "rose-colored glasses" has come in an email from the BC04 Campaign:
...President Bush spoke clearly and from the heart last night about the path forward - toward victory and security - in the War on Terror.  The President spoke candidly about the difficulties facing our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as these countries prepare for their first free elections.  The terrorists will continue to fight these steps toward freedom because they f! ear the optimism and hope of democracy.  They fear the prospects for their ideology of hate in a free and democratic Middle East.

President Bush detailed a path forward in the War on Terror - a plan that will ensure that America fights the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan - not in America's cities.

John Kerry failed the one test he had to pass last night: he failed to close the credibility gap he has with the American people as his record of troubling contradiction and vacillation spiraled down to incoherence...

I'm not sure what debate they watched, perhaps the GOP typed this on Wednesday afternoon as a time saver.

One thing I did notice last night was the sheer volume of BC04 campaign commercials on all channels last night. My favorite was aired on Nickelodeon that featured two sock puppets, Drinky(!) & Winky, who discussed the President's leadership abilities and were then thrown in the washer.*

*May not measure up to the current administration's, "Lie Beleivability Scale" which is pretty liberal in it's own right. There were a ton of Bush campaign ads on.

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