Wednesday, October 13, 2004

October Surprise

I'm sure Rove and the gnats have something else up their sleeve but they've already shown they can commit voter fraud:

-Former South Dakota Governor Bill Janklow (R) says the national GOP is encouraging campaign workers to cheat.

-In Nevada:
Employees of a private voter registration company allege that hundreds, perhaps thousands of voters who may think they are registered will be rudely surprised on election day. The company claims hundreds of registration forms were thrown in the trash.

Anyone who has recently registered or re-registered to vote outside a mall or grocery store or even government building may be affected...

-Don't forget the latest from Florida.

-Massachusetts Representin'!

-Not to be outdone, Minnesota is missing 1.5 million voter registration cards.

Finally, through dKosopedia you can find a clearing house of all the shenanigans.

I'm glad the Afghan elections went off OK. What about ours?

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