Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Day After

Blogging from State College. PSU v. Purdue. Here's hoping the Lions defense isn't on the field for 45 minutes today.

I stayed up for a while after the 2nd debate last night to gauge talking head reactions. I wasn't surprised to hear almost everyone's reaction was that the President did very well, perhaps even winning the debate. I suppose they're looking at the first debate as a benchmark for his performance. Since he didn't pout, roll his eyes or sneer he kicked ass. There was little chatter of the issues except to say that he did surprisingly well in talking about domestic policy. It was all about the "forceful" President. Funny, he sounded angry to me, cutting off Charles Gibson at least twice and gritting his teeth fighting to keep a stoic demeanor. I'm sure his coaches told him, "...anytime you feel like making a face or smirking draw those squiggilly lines you like so much on the paper." I bet those notes would fetch a pretty penny on eBay.

Bush was coherent on several issues, but the content was the same as what we've heard before except when it came to the question on the Environment. He rattled off his memorized talking points in a burst, almost regurgitating it, so quickly in case he forgot something. The questioner looked like he thought the "Clear Skies Initiative" was crap. 44 was strong in making his points, but I think he left a couple of questions on the table, where he could've done more to strengthen his position and discredit the President's. The longer the undecideds stay that way, the better chance they'll go with 44.

I've stopped paying close attention to the polls because the majority are underrepresnting the younger voter and ignoring the newly registered, which can't be measured because they have no voting history. Hopefully the strong Democratic get-out-the-vote effort will translate into 44's inauguration.

I'm off to see what the blogosphere & mainstream media thought about Bush's "win."

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