Friday, October 15, 2004

Blogroll Additions

Good morning and happy Friday.

I want to let you know about three additions to the blogroll to your left. (My right, as I'm looking at you. BTW, nice shirt.)

With qualifying well underway for football's quadrennial event, I've added World Cup Football News as a way to get news on your favorite team. The US MNT have advanced to the final round of qualifying for CONCACAF and then there is this nugget:
New France international Rio-Antonio Mavuba has an unusual African background. The Bordeaux midfielder, who made his debut for France in August, has no country of birth. Mavuba, son of former Zaire international Ricky Mavuba Ndokia Ndombe - who featured at the 1974 World Cup finals - was born on a boat, off the coast of Angola, on 16 March 1984.

A man without citizenship. Important information.

I had Counterspin on my 'roll previously but removed it when Hesiod said he was hanging up the keyboard. Well, he's back. And I'm happy to return him to my hallowed blogroll.

Finally, I met Mithras at the Philadelphia Drinking Liberally event. He's got an excellent blog which isn't always focused on the regime change we so desperately need here. I think this is a good thing. All politics and no drunkblogging make for unexciting times.

Be sure to visit one and all.

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