Thursday, September 23, 2004

CBS and Hypocrisy

So there is a reasonable chance that the memos are forgeries. CBS messed up.

Is that enough for the GOP?

What do you think?

The Right is agog about the whole episode saying there should be an investigator with subpoena power etc. etc. etc. What is the purpose of this? Clearing the President's good name? Everything I've read points to the fact that the content of the 60 Minutes story is true. I'm not sure pushing for an investigation is such a wise idea from their perspective because these things have a way of ending up on your own back porch.

This point is belabored but, the hypocrisy shown by the right is galling, even for them. They get supreme complicity from the media during the march to war, the 9/11 commission testimony, half-a-million dollar swift boat ad buy and voter supression. Now they complain about being treated unfairly by CBS.

I'm outraged by their outrage.

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