Thursday, August 05, 2004

Undecided Voters

It's come to my attention that several undecided voters have found their way here and I wanted to share some information that could help them form a concrete opinion.

First, I haven't heard much from the media about John Kerry's issues (except in very general terms) and what his plans are when he becomes President. Fortunately, this week he and John Edwards have published their positions entitled, Our Plan for America. The full 263 page report is available here. But I understand that not all of us have time to wade through a lengthy tome, so there is an overview document here that is much shorter. Kerry's website also provides position papers on various issues.

In the spirit of fairness, feel free to view the President's agenda on the issues to contrast the candidates' views.

But the President's agenda is only about a third of the story. Bush's Administration has been marred with scandal and controversy since election day in 2000. Several of these stories have received little if any coverage in the news media, which explains why they might not be familiar to the non-news-junkie (unlike myself.) The story is a bit shrill but I encourage you, the undecided voter, to read it and take the time to visit the links in the story which reinforce the main point.

We need to take this country back.

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