Friday, August 13, 2004

Phillies Baseball: Grab It!

Thanks to California based Berry's World, for this tidbit from the Phillies broadcast tonight. From the TV Barn:

Probably just as well that this is the last “Audio Access” in-game chat of the season. As Comcast Cable was chatting with Phillies manager Larry Bowa between innings, a player stepped into what he thought was a private, discreet place and adjusted his crotch — liberally. Not only did the Philadelphia area see this, but everyone watching the game in high definition, including me, over the INHD channel.

For the record the Phillies lost tonight 16-6 giving up six home runs in the process. Including three by 76 year old J.T. Snow.

Perhaps the Fightin's would have better luck if their cups were rightside out from the start. And why is Bowa smiling?

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