Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I'm Going To Stop Bashing Bush

Until tomorrow.

As I ready to watch John Kerry on the Daily Show I thought a break from Bush bashing would be in order. Sorry Hoges.

Onto football...

Tomorrow, Arsenal goes for it's 42nd consecutive Premiership match without a loss against Blackburn Rovers (with Yank Brad Friedel minding net.) This would be the longest such streak in the history of top-flight English football. The record tying game against Middlesbrough, this past Sunday, was tense for several different reasons. First, I purchased the Premiership season package from Comcast, knowing that they will usually air the weekend's best games. (One on Saturday and one on Sunday. Last year they only had Sunday games, it's more expensive this year but hey, it's football.) I tune in at 11am only to find that Comcast is having trouble with the Arsenal-Middlesbrough feed. Agonizing.

Which segues us into reason number two on the tensity scale. I followed the first half on the net (giving up on Comcast, they will be crediting me for that game, sunspots or not) which ended 1-1 with Thierry Henry tallying his first of the season. Not being able to take it, I went out to run some errands, after another half-an-hour Mrs. Horns calls to remind me that her satellite radio is hooked up in my truck (yes, we are a family of AV gadgets, a definite post for another time.) I pulled over and found the BBC broadcast (what sunspots?) only to hear Arsenal was winning 4-3, which isn't surprising. What was surprising was that they were down 3-1 just after the half. Three unanswered goals. Champion quality. I listened to the last 15 minutes in the mall parking lot with the volume cranked and me pacing outside. I didn't want the draw to equal Nottingham Forest's 41 match unbeaten run, I wanted the full three points to keep pace with Chelsea, who won the day prior. When Henry netted his second in minute 90' to seal it I did a brief celebration outside Target.

I did mind the BBC announcer saying over and over, "No matter what happens for the rest of this campaign every other game will be measured against this one." Thanks for reminding me, git.

The scoring:

Arsenal - Henry - 25'
Middlesbrough - Job - 43'
Middlesbrough - Hasselbaink - 50'
Middlesbrough - Queudrue - 53'
Arsenal - Bergkamp - 54'
Arsenal - Pires - 65'
Arsenal - Reyes - 65'
Arsenal - Henry - 90'

I'll get to see a replay on Fox Sports World Thursday at 5pm EST.

The beautiful game indeed.

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