Friday, August 20, 2004

42 Ways To Say 'Broken'

Some good ones here:

Ballsed up. Blown up. Bollixed. Borked. Bricked. Broked. Buggered (up). Bunged. Busted. Busticated. Casters-up mode. Clapped out. Crapped out. Cocked up. DOA. Done in. Down. Frapped out. Fried. Fucked (up). Fubar. Garfed. Gone pear-shaped. Goobered. Gronked. Horked. Hosed. Kaput. Knackered. NFG. Off the rails. On the blink. On the fritz. Roached. Shagged. Shot. Snafu. Stuffed. Tits up. Toast. Wedged. Wonky.

I could see a couple of these sneak into the heavy rotation.

Tip of the Horn to Ongoing.

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