Monday, July 26, 2004

More Nader

A portion of a letter from today's Altercation from a DNC volunteer in Philadelphia:

Today in downtown Philly, we were approached by a canvasser. He was collecting signatures to get Nader on the ballot. Not a good thing to be sure, but it gets more disturbing. It turns out that this guy was in a homeless shelter when some people came there offering $200 a day for them to collect signatures for Nader. As you know, Nader's campaign is being funded in large part by the GOP. That makes this guy's situation so sadly ironic that my mind reels. The economic and social policies created in large part by Bush and other conservative leaders have produced a willing supply of people like this guy- a black homeless man who claimed to have college degree. Now he is being cynically used by the same people who in large part are responsible for the situation he represents. His efforts will work only to divert the electoral power of people who want real progress in America, but are too stupid to ignore Nader's Siren's song. It's a sad state of affairs.


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