Monday, July 26, 2004

Monday Night

It's the first evening of the Convention and I'm staying away from the TV, save the occasional check of the Phillies score, and sitting outside. It's a beautiful evening in North Wilmington. Mid 70s, a light breeze and the crickets are in full voice. I recently bought a flexible light that plugs into the USB port on my iBook so I don't have to turn on the porch light. And the entire family are snug in their nests. Peaceful.

Through a DNC blog aggregator I just came across a very cool site. Librarian.net is written by a librarian in central Vermont who has specific views, as you might expect, about the situations our Country currently faces, including the Patriot Act. I will be exploring it further in the days & weeks to come. I've added her site to my blogroll. Enjoy.

Crap. The Phils are losing 8-3 and it looks like we'll be 1.5 out after tonight. Well, as long as we finish ahead of the Angels...

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